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1 Bottle Cadillac Presentation Box's

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  • Cadillac

    • Our Cadillac box is our premium box. It is fully sanded, with a solid sliding pine lid, a ¼ inch Baltic Birch bottom, and an inverted button, for ease of opening.
    • Our hand crafted Cadillac boxes are made to the highest standards that only a wine, beer, spirits, or olive oil connoisseur would approve of. These elegant boxes are the perfect way to showcase your bottled products.
    • Because of its unique design, these solid lid boxes have a lid that is raised to the frame level and is also made of solid pine material. Unlike our Standard or Rustic boxes, boxes made from our Cadillac Grade material have few (if any) smooth knots in the wood & rounded edges for an extra smooth feel.
  • Custom Sizes

Are you looking for a box that will fit your product. We can make any size you need.

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