A note from the Executive Director



Let me ask you a question: Based on standard scales of success (money, happiness, job advancement), how do we apply that scale to someone trapped in their disability?

Thanks to some brave parents in the late 1950’s, the idea of training people who want to work, regardless of their disability, was a right anyone should expect, and the purpose of the Work Training Center was established. 

Some of our work statistics from just last year are impressive. By statistics, I mean a measurement that our people are proud of: 

  • Our recycling centers processed 9,822,224 cans, equalling 144.8 tons. 
  • Our mailing and shredding division sorted and shredded 64,589 lbs of confidential documents, the equivalent of ten bull elephants. 
  • Our commercial janitorial division mopped 67,392,000 sq ft of floor, roughly that of 1,170 football fields. 

In one year. And these jobs are performed by adults with developmental disabilities who want to work. How do we measure their success? In tonnage. In bull elephants. In football fields. In happiness in their work. I’d consider that a success, wouldn’t you?

Created4ACause.org showcases the quality retail products that are built every day by some of the 390 developmentally disabled adults who work here. The role of Work Training Center is to provide an accommodation for anyone who wants to work. When work is broken into manageable steps, our clients are able to take part in the manufacturing of our wood, fabric, and ceramics products.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and encourage you to help us spread the word. All of your purchases contribute to the success of our many friends here. We hope you’ll become a friend as well. In advance, thank you so very much for your support.

 Don Krysakowski

Executive Director

Work Training Center is a not-for-profit corporation with eight business divisions designed to meet the manufacturing and service needs of our communities. Support of the Work Training Center helps to create jobs by opening the doors of opportunity to adults with disabilities.